31. Adding self-weight calculation

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Hello Sean,
In this session about self-weight, the area is missing in the formulae for SW which make the SW a very large weight because of the so small area :
SW_at_supports = np.empty((0,2))
for n, mbr in enumerate(members):
node_i = mbr[0] #Node number for node i of this member
node_j = mbr[1] #Node number for node j of this member
length = lengths[n]

    #Need to add area to calculation of SW
    area = Areas[n]
    sw = length*area*gamma*9.81 #(N) Self-weight of the member


Hey @Tom1961,

The way self-weight is defined in the code is kg/m so this will already have the influence of cross-sectional area baked in.

So, if you provide the correct cable weight per meter length, no need to add the cross-sectional area of the cable.