Updated completion certificate process

Hi folks,

I hope you’re all keeping well. Just a quick message to let you know that I’ve updated and streamlined the process for requesting your course completion certificates.

The last lecture for every course now contains a link to a form you can use to request your certificate of completion. These are still manually reviewed so please only submit a request when you’ve completed all lectures in a course.

If you do the Linkedin thing you can post these there or just keep them in your personal CPD portfolio - I’ve tried to make them as visually appealing as I can!

Should you need to have a certificate verified I maintain a database of certificates issues (in case someone asks if they can confirm the authenticity of your certificate). Your permission will be required before any confirmation is provided to a third party.

That’s all for now, prompted by some recent student questions, I’m working on a ‘micro-course’ on 2D stress analysis and Mohr’s circle…more a super long blog post with embedded videos. So that’s the next thing you should see from me within the next week or so. Then I’ll be picking right up where I left of on the FE course.

Talk soon, all the best.