The final case study structure is complete - Frei Otto's Dance Fountain - Cologne

Hi folks,

Checking in with another update; the final case study structure for the new course is complete. I’m pretty pleased with this one - it’s based on Frei Otto’s Dance Fountain in Cologne from 1957. The original structure is actually a fabric membrane structure, but we’ll model a cablenet version.

This is actually one of Otto’s more famous structures. Having said that, I must acknowledge DegreeTutors member Drew Beattie for actually putting it on my radar initially. It’s thanks to Drew that this made its way into the upcoming course.

The video above should give you a good indication of how far we’ll get in the course and what you’ll have built by the time you complete the course. I should say that the 2D cable analysis course (previous course released) is going to be a strongly recommended prereq for this course. So if you plan on completing the cablenet course when it’s out, maybe get started on the 2D course now.

I just have the final section to record now, so not too much longer to wait on this one…feels like I’ve been buried in cable analysis for quite a while now! I’m looking forward to tackling something a bit different next!

Further details to follow soon.

As always, thanks for your ongoing support.

All the best,