Quick update on DegreeTutors:Labs

Hi All,

I have some progress updates (screenshots!) to share on the development of the new DegreeTutors:Labs member’s platform I mentioned in my last update. All screenshots below are very early development stage - everything is subject to change.

I should clarify, DegreeTutors:Labs is not replacing Podia! Your interaction with Podia won’t change; all payments, etc. are still managed completely within Podia. Labs is just an additional resource to house extra content and benefits for premium members.

I have many plans for this platform, but one of my objectives is to eventually have a text version of every course. Going forward all courses will be released with a full text lecture accompanying each video lecture. This will be a premium member benefit and all of these will be located in Labs.

In due course, I’ll work my way back through the existing range of courses and produce their text versions with the aim of eventually having a huge video and text encyclopedia of engineering analysis. I hope that this will be particularly helpful for non-native english speaking members. The course dashboard currently looks something like this…

I’m trying to build a good lecture template that contains everything you need to work through the lectures without distraction. You can get a sense of the lecture template below…ignore the placeholder text and formula…

I will eventually implement progress tracking, visible in the slide-in course index (below). But for now, your progress through a course is only tracked when you watch the course on Podia. Not perfect I know, but iteration is the name of the game here.

That’s all I have to share for now. As I advance the development, I’ll keep you updated. The plan is for members to have access to the platform, a launch, so to speak, in line with the release of the next MDoF dynamics course (which will be the first course fully documented inside labs).

Talk soon,