Progress update - what I'm working on

Hi All,

I’m just checking in with a quick progress update. I’ve been working to document ‘Non-linear finite element analysis of 2D catenary & cable structures using Python’ (2D cable analysis) for the last week or two.

As you know, I had fallen behind on my commitment to fully document each new course. I’m pleased to say I’m reaching the end of this one now with 43 out of 55 (61 including the appendix) lectures added to Labs. With a little luck, I’ll be able to push this update live early next week - if I can stop making minor/unimportant styling tweaks on the site :roll_eyes:.

After that, I’ll probably roll straight into documenting the most recent course, ‘Modelling and Analysis of Non-linear Cablenet Structures using Python and Blender’, to bring things up to date.

I’d like to get 'Finite Element Analysis of Continuum Structures in Python ’ added soon, but I’ll probably prioritise getting another course published before documenting that.

Speaking of the next course, I haven’t decided what I’m going to cover yet; currently, it’s a toss-up between reinforced concrete design (I think we could sprinkle some Python magic here to generate some really useful tools) and analytical modelling of plate and shell structures (which will set us up well to cover finite element modelling of plates later - I really want to get to some modal analysis and dynamic simulation of floor plates). I’ll eventually cover all of these, of course, but still weighing up which one is first.

That’s it for now - I just wanted to keep you in the loop with what I’m working on.

Speak soon,