New Short Course - Fundamentals of 2D Stress Analysis and Mohr’s Circle

Hi All,

Just a quick update to let you know I’ve added a new course to the library, 'Fundamentals of 2D Stress Analysis and Mohr’s Circle’. I mentioned this in my last member’s post, so now the course is live.

It’s only being made available to Premium All Access Members - you should see it in your dashboard/library now.

It’s quite a short focused course. I don’t cover too many examples but there’s enough in there to get you comfortable with 2D stress analysis and will certainly be a handy refresher for anyone who has covered Mohr’s circle in the past.

As per usual I make use of Python where possible - in this course we mainly use Python for plotting. But there is a nice minimal example of how to use Python’s symbolic math library (SymPy)…a great tool if you find yourself needing to do derivations or tricky analytical calculus.

Now that this is live, I’ll be cracking on with the next big course on Finite Element Analysis of 2-Dimensional Solid Structures. After that, we’re likely to take a tour of non-linear analysis of cable structures, although this isn’t set in stone yet…but more info on that in due course!

Talk soon,