New Members Welcome and November Update

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all keeping well and starting to wind down after a busy year. I’ll certainly look forward to a good break over xmas. It’s been a busy teaching term for me in Exeter as well as building here on DegreeTutors; this month we’ve:

  • Launched DegreeTutors:Labs (register your All Access account here)
  • Launched the Multi-Degree of Freedom Dynamics course
  • Published a new tutorial on the P-Delta effect

So, time to recharge the batteries…soon!

I have a few updates to share in this post; as usual, I want to give you a picture of what’s happening behind the scenes.

:wave: Welcome aboard if you’re new!
We’re just coming out of the Black Friday/Ciber Monday weekend, so I’m pleased to say we have quite a few new members. Welcome aboard if you’re new!

:memo: Text version of Fundamentals of Engineering Structural Dynamics with Python
The next course I’m busy documenting for Labs is our Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics course. I’m already well into this so expect it to arrive on the platform pre-xmas. I wanted to get this written up so that we’ve got a complete dynamics workflow documented on Labs.

:notebook: Python Project: Duhamel Integral
I’ve mentioned this quite a few times now…not a lot more to add yet I’m afraid. I’d like to get it published pre-xmas, but there is a question mark over this at the minute. It will complement our two dynamics courses really well so it’s a very high priority. Pushing hard on this one - watch this space.

:hammer_and_wrench: StructureWorks - 2D Truss Solver
This is probably the thing I’m most excited to work on right now. If you’re not familiar with this project, StructureWorks is the over-arching name for the suite of cloud-based solvers I’m building into the Labs platform.

I’m very pleased to report that I’ve started actively coding on this and am making great progress on the background infrastructure required to facilitate these tools. A lot of this backend server work will be used on future solvers so, although it’s tough to get the first one completed, later solvers should flow a lot quicker (famous last words!)

I won’t give any firm completion/launch date until more of the unknowns are removed from the project, but early 2022 is the timeline I have in my head. More updates to follow. As soon as there’s something interesting to show you I’ll share some ‘work-in-progress’ screenshots too…it’s all just code right now :slight_smile:

Well, that’s all for this update - an exciting 2022 ahead!

Speak soon,