Member update: Next course in production + plans for DegreeTutors

Hi Members,

I hope everyone’s keeping well. I have three relatively big updates to share:

  1. The next course
  2. Python projects
  3. DT:Labs :test_tube:

The next course…

We’ll start with the big one; after working through some exploratory modelling and scoping out a curriculum, I’m happy to announce what the next premium course will be…

Multi-Degree of Freedom Dynamics, Modal Analysis and Seismic Response Simulation

[working title]

We’ve hammered FE analysis pretty hard recently (we’ll return in the future, 3D plate and shell structures are still a huge priority). However, Dynamics is the area of the library that could do with some attention. The curriculum I’ve put together will cover the next steps beyond the simple single degree of freedom material we covered in the Fundamentals of Dynamics course.

Once you’ve covered basic dynamics theory, modal analysis is probably the one topic that unlocks the most doors in dynamic analysis. So that will be a big part of the course.

Let me say from the start - this won’t be a seismic design course. From a seismic point of view, we’ll be focusing on simulating dynamic behaviour. I try to steer clear of code-based design courses (primarily due to variation in codes geographically) - this includes seismic design codes. But we will be looking at simulating the response to seismic ground motion.

I’ll share more details as the course takes shape over the coming weeks.

Python Projects

You’ll have seen the mini-projects I’ve been putting out recently. These have been quick projects - for me to produce and you to complete. I’m going to keep making these - they’re very enjoyable to build and seem to be getting a good response.

I’ve set up a specific projects page on the website to collect them all in one place. I’ll add a suggestion box to the same page soon. So if you have ideas for relatively light engineering analyses that would make for a good project, you can send me a suggestion (or just email me). The idea for the (likely) next project - response analysis using the Duhamel integral, actually came directly from a student suggestion.

DT:Labs :test_tube:

Not a vast amount of detail to share yet on this one - still very early days, but I wanted to share a little bit of the bigger vision for DegreeTutors - beyond video courses and tutorials.

I’m in the early stages of building out a series of FE structural analysis tools, calculators and interactive educational resources for DegreeTutors premium members. This is a custom platform I’m currently calling DT:Labs. It’s early days, but you’re likely to see the first glimpses of this when the next premium course launches or shortly thereafter. It will be a modest start, don’t expect 3D FE analysis on day 1 - I’m coding it myself, so fitting in the dev work while building out the next course is taking some juggling.

The grand plan is to make DegreeTutors a one-stop website for all of your engineering education and reference needs - it sounds a bit cliche, but that’s the plan.

Your support as members has allowed me to spend more and more of my time working on DegreeTutors. Without that, none of the bigger plans would have a chance of getting off the ground. I hope to soon be able to focus 100% on building out courses and DT:Labs. So thanks for your ongoing support - very exciting times ahead.

Talk soon,