Full Data-Viz Tutorial Added to 3D Space Frame Course

Hi All,

As promised last week, I’ve completed a full tutorial on how to build the 3D data visualisation I posted in last week’s video. I’ve uploaded the first video in the series to this post, but it’s a 4-part series. The videos have been added to the course updates section of the 3D Space Frame analysis course.

Obviously, All Access members have full access to this (and the accompanying files), so if you feel like exploring data-viz beyond the Jupyter Notebook environment, you’re all set with this update. There is a lot more you could build based on what you learn here, bending moment diagrams for example!

In other news, development of the 3D cablenet course code is progressing well - the base code is built and converging nicely for my test structure. Another more detailed update on this to follow shortly.

Have a nice weekend.

Speak soon,