DegreeTutors:Labs + New Course...Doors open!

Hi All,

The doors are finally open on the new course and the member’s hub. Please watch the video above to get a rundown of the platform and how to access it.

If you happen to run into any issues with logging in , please bear with me - it’s early days and I’m sure there are kinks in the system that I haven’t fully ironed out yet! Fire any support issues over to, and I’ll try to iron them out as quickly as I can.

To register your All Access account , head over to the register page. Remember, you need to use the same email you use when logging into Podia - that’s how the system knows you’re an active All Access member.

You also now have access to the new course, Multi-Degree of Freedom Dynamics, Modal Analysis and Seismic Response Simulation in Python. It should now be accessible in your Podia dashboard and the Labs dashboard - obviously with accompanying text lectures in Labs. Note that lecture completion tracking is currently only active on Podia - I still need to build this into Labs, but it’s high on the roadmap.

I expect there to be an increase in my email traffic this week and next (all of this launches to the general public next week). So again, please bear with me if I’m delayed in replying your email or comments.

Ok, that’s about it for now - I hope you find the new course and the new Labs platform helpful.

Now, on to the next thing!