DegreeTutors is now EngineeringSkills! - WE'RE LIVE

We’re live!

If you’re reading this forum post then you’ll already have worked out that the new site is live! We officially retire the DegreeTutors site and brand in favour of something a little more fitting…!

I’ve recorded a short walkthrough video for the site to help you get your bearings - check that out on the Youtube channel here.

I’ve also written an article about the new site, why I built it and why the name has been changed. No engineering in this one - but if you’re interested in some of the thinking on this, you can read about it there.


If you hit a bug or have any issues…

If you hit any issues while using the new site or if you have any problems whatsoever trying to access your courses - let me know and it will jump right to the top of my list!

In particular if you think you should have access to something and you don’t appear to - just email be or contact me through the contact page on the site and, as I say, I’ll get right on it for you.

My main email address is now but I’m still monitoring - so fire me an email at either of these.

I hope you enjoy the new site! Feel free to email and let me know what you think.


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I just logged in to the new site EngineeringSkills and all the courses that I have made are not tagged anymore as done. Should I tagged them again or is this an issue that will be corrected shortly?


Hey @Tom1961,

Unfortunately this is one limitation of migrating to EngineeringSkills that I haven’t been able to overcome. Unfortunately your completion data cannot be migrated. I hope the other features of the platform will somewhat make up for this.



Hi Sean,

Just wanted to say that rebuilding the website and everything was a lot of work but it looks great! You do a good job and it’s a wonderful platform. Keep up the good work.


Thanks @masonam - appreciate that!