Course Updates - Beam and Frame Analysis in Python

Hi All,

Just a quick one to let you know that I’ve added two new lectures to ‘Beam & Frame Analysis using the Direct Stiffness Method in Python’.

The course has been expanded to consider,

  • the combination of beam (bending, shear and axial force) and bar (axial force) elements.
  • unique cross-sectional areas which is particularly helpful when modelling a combination of beam and bar elements.

I know some of you have implemented some of these features in your own code independently - well done. I thought it would also be a good addition for everyone to see one way making these additions.

So you can now model combined/hybrid structures like the one below.

As new ideas for updates come up, I’ll continue to add them to the end of courses if they don’t make sense as a stand alone course.

Talk soon,