📈 Course progress tracking now in DegreeTutors:Labs

Hi All,

I finally got around to implementing course progress tracking in Labs. This is a feature I’ve wanted to implement for quite a while.

Logged in users will now be able to see their completion progress for each course from the main dashboard with a progress bar and message shown at the bottom of each course card…

Your progress will also be visible in the lecture index for each course…

To mark a lecture as complete, just click the 'Mark lecture complete and continue ’ button at the bottom of each lecture. You can also reverse this and mark a lecture as incomplete by clicking the other button below it…

So, you can still cycle through lectures using the index or nav buttons at the top of each lecture without the lecture being tagged as complete. I think this is better because a lecture only gets ‘ticked-off’ when you’re happy you’ve actually finished with it.

I hope you find this helpful. This is all part of a longer-term plan to continue improving Labs. I have a few more improvements to the user experience I’m hoping to roll out soon.

More concrete design lectures on the way too.

Have a good weekend,