Coming Next Update - More FE analysis solvers

Hi All,

I hope this email finds you well. It’s coming up on a month since my last email so I though it would be good to give you a quick update on what I’m working on next for DegreeTutors.

As you know, I launched the 3D frame analysis FE course back on the 8th of March. I’m pleased to say that the response has been great. It always amazed me how quick some people can devour these courses! Special thanks to those who have provided feedback, all feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I’ve decided to follow up with another FE course. In this next course we’ll be going beyond linear beam and bar elements to consider 2D solid elements. This course will focus on what you likely think of when you imagine FE analysis in a programme like ANSYS or SolidWorks. No timelines to announce yet but the course is mapped out and I’m writing the development code at the minute.

I’m also aiming to publish a case study structural analysis of the Tintagel Footbridge in Cornwall (pictured above) within the next week or so. Hopefully you’ll find that an interesting read. I’ll send out an email notification when it’s live - it’s also a good example of what you can achieve with the FE solvers we’ve worked on up to now.

That’s it for now, talk soon.

All the best,