Checking in with another progress update

Hi All,

It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks here, a lot going on but I have managed to make some good progress on the course. The code is written and working well and I have several hours of course content recorded and edited.

Below is the output for a relatively simple cablenet structure. It’s subject to self-weight and 4 symmetrically placed point loads. It has actually been quite tricky to get the 3D visualisation working the way I want using Matplotlib, but it’s sorted now I think.

As you’ll see from the video attached to this post, we’re also making good use of the Blender data-viz script I published recently.

I don’t want to put a specific date on when this will be available, converting the code from 2D to 3D was really only half the battle, I’m planning on getting some more interesting content into the course, so there is still quite a bit to do. Obviously, I’ll keep you updated along the way.

I haven’t forgotten about Labs and my original plan to get all courses documented there. I went down a bit of a rabbit hole on these last two cable courses, but I’ll be documenting them both on Labs once this course is released.

As always, thanks for your ongoing support.