Beam Deflection Calculator Project is Live for Members

Hi All,

A little ahead of schedule (I know even I’m surprised!), the Beam Deflection Calculator Python project is now live and accessible to all members.

You should see it in your member’s area. At just shy of 2 hours, it’s a nice little project to work through - not the usual cross-country marathon that a full course ends up being!

The project builds on the Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagram Calculator I released not long ago. The end result is a handy little notebook that fully analyses statically determinate beams.

As an aside, the method used to calculate the deflection can be deployed on statically indeterminate beams too.

There’ll be an accompanying blog post later in the week for anyone who wants to get a quick overview before diving into the videos

I’m playing around with a couple of other mini-project ideas (your email requests and suggestions are great for giving me ideas), as well as scoping the next big course. Details to follow soon.

All the best,