3D Space Frame Analysis using Python and Blender - An update

Hi folks,

It’s been exactly a month since my last update on progress for this course. I’m pleased to say we’re nearing the finish line now. Just another couple of case study models to complete and record and I’ll be able to release this course.

I just finished modelling an analysing an interesting structure for the course that I thought I’d share…I’m calling it the twister!

This started out as a bit of a concept model that I kept playing with and it ultimately turned into a hybrid, truss arch structure with an eye catching 360 degree twist along the longitudinal axis. It’s now included in the course as a good example of the power of using Blender to generate ‘organic’ structural geometry.

It’s also a great highlight of the power of the direct stiffness method and the code you’ll be putting together in this course. I can only imagine trying to analyse this by hand!

Anyway, that’s all for now, another couple of weeks and I’ll be pushing the course live.

Take care,