🛠️ 2D Truss Toolbox - Progress Update #2

Hi All,

I hope you all had some downtime over the last few days. I know from your comments and questions over the last week that at least some of you were working away on DegreeTutors courses. Well, I was right there working away with you, albeit pulling my hair out a lot of the time buried in web dev code!

I’m back again with another progress update to show you what I managed to get done on our 2D truss solver since my update last week. It’s all in the video, so I won’t bother writing about it here, but things are progressing well…at the cost of some very late nights trawling Stack Overflow, I think we’re on the home straight with this one.

More updates to follow very soon. As always, please feel free to drop any comments, thoughts or suggestions below this post. This is a tool I’m building for all of us, so your input is very welcome.

Speak soon,