26. Visualising the forced vibration response

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@Sean ,

  1. How are you generating the shear building frame and MDOF idealization images? Could you share the native file - I would like to customize the images for n floors.
  2. I am getting animation errors, using jupyter lab. The image plots but not playing:



Hi @asiric80

  1. All of the code we develop in the course is available for download directly from the relevant lecture’s resource panel. Just click on ‘Resources’ below the video and you’ll see the files you can download. To see at a glance which lectures have resources attached, just look for the paperclip icon next to the lecture title in the index on the left.

  2. Yes, I’ve also had difficulty generating animations within Jupyter Lab - this course was originally recorded using the Jupyter Notebook environment - you should be able to generate your animations in this environment.