1. Introduction and course overview (3D Braced Frames)

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I’m excited to begin this course. It seems that whenever I click on “this lecture,” the course page has me signed out of the all access membership. When I attempt to sign back in, I am seeing an error message that reads “No active account with that email address.” Despite that, I am somehow able to return to this message board by going through my history. Any guidance would be most appreciated.

Hi Wayne,

You’re very welcome aboard!

As an All Access Member, you have two ways to consume my courses; (i) through the Podia site and (ii) through the Labs member’s platform. You’ll be able to log into the podia site using the credentials you signed up with.

However, to access Labs, you’ll need to register separate account (Podia and Labs are two different systems behind the scenes.) Go to DegreeTutors:Labs and use the same email address and whatever password you like to register your Labs account. Then you can log in to the platform.

P.S. you can access this community forum, because you accepted the invite link you received in the welcome email you received after subscribing to your membership plan.

Hope that helps. Any guestions - fire away.